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"This is not a guesthouse, this is a tavern!" said the grumpy pub owner in the film "der Knochenmann", to justify his bad service. Having said this - the hirsch is definetely a guesthouse, but it can be a second home, too! (Lydia Brakebusch, Zitty 5/2010)

 Sterile cafes, snobbish bars and fancy schmancy pubs are now a dime a dozen...

Red ivy-clad bricks and candlelight behind heavy wooden doors - the place to be:
hirsch in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Kopernikusstraße 3.
It’s a cosy mix of café, bar or pub and stands out with its southern-rustic style, idyllic secretiveness and thus is an oasis in the big city driving.

Viewed in that light, the rooms create a sacred atmosphere - although here, of course, nobody will go to worship - unless looking at the beer affects you spiritually.

Whether you are keen on having a pint or fancy a cocktail, if you are having the munchies, eg for brown bread with "Nutella", "Flädlesuppe" or if you are craving for a delicious dish, eg "Rahmspätzle" (Spätzle in creamy mushroom sauce) or roasted Maultaschen - our schwabian style kitchen will satisfy your needs: Carpe diem noctemque!

That’s what we live for. Every day from 4pm till dawn!

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